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The computing project began in the year 2000 when some redundant computers were sent to LITI Buhuri (the Livestock Training Institute linked with Bromyard). An I.T. teacher went out for four weeks in 2001 to teach the tutors how to use them. At the end of the four weeks they were asking for more lessons and more computers. After another two weeks in 2002 they were more confident and Buhuri itself put on courses for teachers in 2003 and 2004. Two short courses held in Tanga, in 2005 and 2006, introduced another forty teachers from twelve secondary schools to the advantages of using computers. We send equipment out every year and now we have computers in seven secondary schools, several primary schools, a Catholic Youth Centre and three churches. We have also funded, in 2007, Internet connections (via mobile phone technology) at two centres.
2011 Update: over 400 computers sent so far - an average of one per week. Now they are in Dar es Salaam, and also at Livestock Institutes in Madaba (Songea), Temeke and Mpwapwa.

By 2002 there were ten computers at Buhuri. This is a group of Buhuri tutors and primary school teachers.
Early 2003 saw 14 computers and printers on their way to the Holy Cross Secondary school at Hegongo, near Muhuza. Some of the children had never seen one before. This equipment came by courtesy of one of our large insurance companies.
By 2006 we had sent nearly 250 computers. This is a group of secondary school teachers learning how to use them. We have run several courses; now there are several teachers who can themselves run courses in basic I.T. skills. We have sponsored one teacher to attend a Technician's Course and a Diploma Course in I.T. He can now teach at a higher level. >
> The consignment of computers which arrived in October, 2006: unpacked, tested and ready for distribution. There is a great demand for our computers; they do say that our recycled computers are more reliable than the new ones they can buy.
We continue to send computers, and have now sent over 400 over nine years.   in 2009 some went to St. Mark's Theological College and *LITI Temeke, both in Dar es Salaam, and LITI Mpwapwa in Dodoma. Many thanks to Computers4Africa for help with the transport. They are doing a great job getting redundant computers from U.K. to schools in Africa, where they are really needed.

*The LITIs are Livestock Training Institutes, run by the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries.