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Tanga in Touch supports projects in Tanga, Tanzania. This is a poor region in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Hereford Diocese has many links with the Anglican Church in Tanzania. One is with the Diocese of Tanga. Our charity grew from this link. Whitbourne is a village in the North-East of Herefordshire, UK. Our involvement began with the visit of our Rector, Rev. David Howell in 1999.  He set up the links with Misufini and Mapinduzi. Then three parishioners visited in 2001. One was an I.T. teacher.  The computer initiative, and the need for money to fund it, led to the formation in November 2002 of our charity. Now, as well as raising money for the computing initiative, we support the existing links with Misufini Leprosy Centre and the parish of St. Francis, Mapinduzi.

*Over nine years, 2003 - 2012, we sent around 400 computers.   Most of these went on the container sent to Teule Hospital, Muheza, by the Hereford-Muheza link.   Then in 2011 they decided that they would accept no more goods from other charities.   We are very grateful to them for taking so many of our items for so long (although of course we paid for the space!).   Also, the need for computers in schools is not now so great.   With many new schools, and many teachers at university themselves, upgrading their qualifications, there is a shortage of teachers and no spare initiative in schools at present to think about installing computers.  Testing and packing computers did take up quite a lot of my time - I can now concentrate on other things.

**to an increasing extent we are sponsoring teenagers on vocational courses at VETA (Vocational and Education Training Authority).  This is possible with a generous grant from the Trade Schools Foundation (George Walker Fund).

If you would like to help, please contact the secretary Tel: 01886 821450